Christy AuBuchon is an Intuitive, Clairvoyant, High Vibration Energy Healer, and Exorcist.  From a young age she has had the Gift of Sight and Intuition. She utilizes her gift of Spirit Communication to Illuminate / Enlighten the correct approach for those looking for direction in their path. She has the gift of aiding others in increasing their financial abundance, clearing old beliefs and blockages, and stepping into their True Gifts. 

Christy Channels and communicates directly to many different Spirits, and is closely connected to Christ Energy (Jesus) and the Ephenium - a Collective Frequency of Higher Light Beings. The Ephenium started communicating with her in September of 2017, and have been delivering Truth and direction since.

Throughout her journey, she has been shown directly from Source & Jesus that one of her Gifts is that of Exorcism.  Being gifted with Spirit Communication involves communication with many beings, including those that most people would perceive as the opposite of “love and light”.  She is able to communicate with many different spirits & beings and remove them if necessary from a person or place.  It is a much needed skill set during this time, and she is grateful to be able to assist.

Christy is dedicated to Healing, living a High Vibration life, and Raising Consciousness.  She has traveled the world for years working with the Greatest Healers on the Planet, with the sole intention of bringing deep Healing and Truth to those who are searching.   She has spent years studying Shamanism and has received numerous Initiations.  She has learned firsthand that Healing is a technical and balanced art form, and is honored to assist others in their journey.    

Christy believes that we are all One, connected, and of one common Source.  Thus, everyone is beautiful, welcome, and deserving of Readings and Healing irrelevant of religion, race, gender, or beliefs. Christy lives a High Vibration life, so as to be the purest channel for herself and others.


Everyone's Healing Journey is unique and beautiful.  Everyone can do their part by Healing themselves and unlocking their special, unique Gifts that are ready to be shared.  We are all connected, thus one person lifting their vibration has an impact on all.

You do not need to be physically present for a Reading or Healing session.  Christy has provided Readings and Healing remotely for individuals all over the world, and the results are just as effective as in person.

Christy is currently located in Cape Girardeau, MO.  Christy will travel to location if requested - travel costs to be paid by client.


  • Exorcism - An exorcism is defined as “the expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposed evil spirit from a person or place.”  Prior to an exorcism, Christy will connect with the Spirit that is being requested to leave, and provide a communication channel for awareness to the client and friends/family.  After the exorcism, Christy will include detailed information of what was psychically seen and completed during the Healing. 

    • In person is preferred for this service, but can be completed remotely if requested.  If travel is required further that 30 minutes, then travel costs are to be paid by the client. 

      • 1 hour - $555

  • Crystal Healing - Ancient Crystal Healing from the “Stars” that has been passed down from generation to generation.  A Crystal Healing session includes High Vibration Energy Healing and Sound Healing.  A session can also be adjusted for couples desiring to Heal together.  This is offered in person or remotely.  This is great for those looking to clear old blockages and bring forward abundance into their life.

    • 1 hour - $250

    • 1.5 hours (includes 30 mins of Spirit Communication) - $343

  • Spirit Communication -Medium and/or Oracle - For those looking to Illuminate/Enlighten the correct approach and direction in the path, or for those looking to connect with their guides or passed loved ones. Offered in person or remotely.  If a family is wanting to connect with a passed loved one, a session can be adjusted accordingly.

    • 15 mins - $66

    • 30 mins - $111

    • 60 mins - $222

    • 1 email question - $49

  • Group Spirit Communication & Meditation - For those that would like to gather in a group, this includes Spirit Communication (Medium & Oracle), Meditation and/or Sound Healing if requested.

    • 1.5 hours - $55 per person - minimum of 6 people

  • Packages - For those looking to make the commitment to themselves, step fully into their passion and purpose, and once and for all receive the financial abundance that is ones birthright, Christy offers packages that include multiple Healings, Spirit Communication, blockage removal, and coaching.  If you are interested in more information, please contact Christy to set up an interview.




I’ve been dealing with back & neck spasms for a month now and have tried everything - massage, chiropractic, reflexology, acupuncture, and even muscle relaxers - each of these things helped a little but the pain would quickly return. I finally tried energy work with Christy and the healing process has finally begun! She found that I had an attachment that was preventing me from being able to heal, she released it, and within 24 hours my shoulder pain was gone and my neck and back began to release from their spastic state. She see that I need healing on a deeper level as well, and I will certainly be investing in Energy Healing from Christy!
— Megan
I want to thank you so much for the amazing experience last night. It was unlike anything I have ever felt. I still feel some vibration today, but not as strong as last night when I was laying in bed. I have been in a great mood since then, though! I don’t want to lose that vibration!

I’m going to recommend you to anyone I think will be open to this kind of healing energy.
You are amazing, special, magical, beautiful.... I really enjoyed talking to you. You made me feel at ease and I could really open up. Thank you for sharing your gifts and beautiful healing energy. I am so grateful.
— Heather - Missouri
Good Morning! Since our last Healing session, I was unsure about raising my prices for my services, but everyone that I said I’m going to raise my prices to said, “Well good, grief, it’s about time.” lol - seriously!!

I feel so empowered and just light or something. Sugar is way way down - no more peppermint candies all day long or chocolate squares. I have purposely walked through the candy isle on 2 different occasions like a bad ass! Lol YAY! I’m ready lady - I’m going to get all my mojo back! I’m so very thankful for you and what you do! :)))
— Kelly Radcliff - Alabama
If you are reading this, you may be in need of a healing. That was exactly where I was at a couple of months ago. I am so thankful to have been led to Christy! She was the answer to my prayers! She is a powerful healer with connections to divine beings who help her. I have not only been helped physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. She has shown me to embrace life as a glorious gift-an opportunity to learn my lessons, overcome challenges without fear, and remember that I am not alone. Christy is a true angel full of love and light!

Forever Grateful,
— Laura - California
I am someone who’s always defaulted to the negative. My life was suffering and no matter what I did, self-sabotage would set in and I would likely fail. From working with Christy, and my own personal work, I became aware of the sabotageur inside me as a foreign dark energy that had resided in my being for too long. It was confusing as I believed it was a part of my self - and with my permission! After I/it damaged a job opportunity, I was finally aware of it and was ready to let it go - and Christy was there to help me. In one evening she healed and released this negative entity, and I could legitimately feel it’s absence by the next morning. The same things didn’t stick or trigger me and I felt lighter, happier, more positive and energized. This was over a week ago and the results have not changed. I am eternally grateful for Christy and the important work she does. Her work and teachings are a tangible gift that’s had profound effects on my life. Now I know for certain - when we’re ready to let go and be healed, it can be done.
— T - California


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