I want to thank you so much for the amazing experience last night. It was unlike anything I have ever felt. I still feel some vibration today, but not as strong as last night when I was laying in bed. I have been in a great mood since then, though! I don’t want to lose that vibration!

I’m going to recommend you to anyone I think will be open to this kind of healing energy.
You are amazing, special, magical, beautiful.... I really enjoyed talking to you. You made me feel at ease and I could really open up. Thank you for sharing your gifts and beautiful healing energy. I am so grateful.
— Heather - Missouri
Good Morning! Since our last Healing session, I have had my root canal (dead) tooth removed and I no longer have mercury fillings in my head. I am still hurting and swollen but that’s okay because I know my body is Healing.

I was unsure about raising my prices for my services, but everyone that I said I’m going to raise my prices to said, “Well good, grief, it’s about time.” lol - seriously!!

I feel so empowered and just light or something. Sugar is way way down - no more peppermint candies all day long or chocolate squares. I have purposely walked through the candy isle on 2 different occasions like a bad ass! Lol YAY! I’m ready lady - I’m going to get all my mojo back! I’m so very thankful for you and what you do! :)))
— Kelly Radcliff - Alabama
“The Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Healing that people receive when working with Christy consistently proves to be a catalyst for Transformation in their life.”  Release from old relationships, patterns, and drama is something that everyone can experience.  People are Reconnected to their potential and awareness of their Gifts, and many find their lives shift dramatically after just one session. ”
If you are reading this, you may be in need of a healing. That was exactly where I was at a couple of months ago. I am so thankful to have been led to Christy! She was the answer to my prayers! She is a powerful healer with connections to divine beings who help her. I have not only been helped physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. She has shown me to embrace life as a glorious gift-an opportunity to learn my lessons, overcome challenges without fear, and remember that I am not alone. Christy is a true angel full of love and light!

Forever Grateful,
— Laura M. - California
I am someone who’s always defaulted to the negative. My life was suffering and no matter what I did, self-sabotage would set in and I would likely fail. From working with Christy, and my own personal work, I became aware of the sabotageur inside me as a foreign dark energy that had resided in my being for too long. It was confusing as I believed it was a part of my self - and with my permission! After I/it damaged a job opportunity, I was finally aware of it and was ready to let it go - and Christy was there to help me. In one evening she healed and released this negative entity, and I could legitimately feel it’s absence by the next morning. The same things didn’t stick or trigger me and I felt lighter, happier, more positive and energized. This was over a week ago and the results have not changed. I am eternally grateful for Christy and the important work she does. Her work and teachings are a tangible gift that’s had profound effects on my life. Now I know for certain - when we’re ready to let go and be healed, it can be done.
— T - California
I had been suffering with Morgellons for over 12 years, a horrible disease for which there currently is no treatment and no cure. The symptoms and depression had left me hopeless and ready to give it all up. Apparently, God, the Universe, the Higher Power, whatever you choose to call it, intervened and Christy entered into my life. After one session my severe depression left, and now after four sessions I am completely healed of lesions, no longer suffer with the brain fog, and thanks to Christy’s life coaching I have never felt more in touch with my inner spirit. Since I live more than 2 1/2 hours from her office, three sessions were done remotely, each giving a more powerful impact. Anyone choosing to work with Christy will soon become aware of the wisdom of their decision. I truly feel she saved my life.
— Debbie - Missouri
It has been a month since the Level 1 Attunement class, and I have had several people ask me if I have lost weight. I decided to go ahead and weigh myself and I have lost 14 pounds!! And I haven’t worked out at all!! I have completely changed my diet to the vegan and eliminated all refined sugar. I’ve always strived toward changing my eating habits but never was successful until now!
— Lydia - Missouri
Bombing the Glass Ceiling - The Healing Hands that Saved My Spirit and Set Me Free

The glass ceiling of my life: I felt like I had my face pressed again it pounding with both hands in a fight to break through. I wanted to get to the next level of self love and compassion - happiness and joy. But how could that happen if I could not shatter this barrier? I could not let go and fully be present or engaged in the experiences of my life. I always felt I was hiding parts of myself and my gifts. I could never fully express myself even when I felt passionately about a subject or experience. There was something inside me that told me remain just a little bit guarded and afraid when I wanted to let my soul fly.

Self-preservation was my game - I was a master - on alert at all times. I lived, loved, and even slept in the force field I created. I held a pressure inside my chest like someone pushing me back at my every moment. I had built this wall over the years as I slowly held on to negative emotions so tightly it started to become my identity.

Where was the beautiful flower I had been - the young girl with dreams and confidence? I had bloomed once before - I had been successful, confident, and fiercely happy. But one petal at a time I wilted and couldn’t find what I needed to breathe and glow again.

When I met Christy I would find that blossom still alive.
It seems the Universe brought Christy to me out of the longings of my heart. Her gifts of spiritual healing ae something I never consciously sought. I barely knew these ways to renew your energy and consciousness existed.

I met her by chance - I believe the Universe saw to that —I’m so glad it did.

Through learning and exploring - and experiencing - different forms of healing she tore through layers of dust from my past and masks of worries for the future to reveal an inner woman of power. I achieved a state of intense presence but also peace and learned to call upon that ‘center’ when vulnerable times come as they always will.

With her healing power I found more than a soldier inside me, I found a warrior. I shifted my focus to acceptance and forward movement as well as visualization to manifest the present and future I desire. My bravery revealed itself in order to take risks and set myself free in situations where I would have kept up a shield.

Taking those chances turned out to be fruitful and I continue to be flooded with opportunities and chance situations that reflect the desires of my heart. All this, as I found new beauty in what is.

What’s more, as my energy level rose and positive light shines, I saw people and situations that no longer served me fall away without any action on my part. This made room for all the new and wonderful things that were happening. This continues to happen daily as I write this ....

This power, blessing, magic: It all gave me my strength again! I’ve broken and soared beyond that glass ceiling and I believe with all my heart and soul there is no limit. The greatest gift - on any day is the knowledge that I have my power and peace back - back or perhaps uncovered again. I now also have my own tools and access to skills of a great healer to guide me as life remains ever changing and evolving in beautiful ways. Beautiful ways - mysterious ways - a breathtaking tapestry I can face without fear and simply a spirit of Love.

Thank you Christy, thank you for helping me evolve to a place of higher and better self - And this is only the beginning. Thank you for helping me find myself in a way that without you would have been impossible.
— Holly Brantley
My massage therapist recommended Reiki to me and explained how they compliment one another. I was skeptical at first, just because I had never heard of Reiki. I researched it and scheduled an appointment with an open mind ready to release and receive... REIKI SAVED MY LIFE!!! LITTERALLY!!

I’ve NEVER experienced such peace in my entire life... It is my “go to” for everything in my life: stress, pain, internal peace and harmony... Reiki is “The Answer” for complete healing on all levels: emotional, spiritual and physical.

I’ve tried Reiki at a different place... just let me say “Christy is the “BEST” that I’ve experienced. Reiki is for everyone, my immediate family has tried it and they all say “Life changing.” Reiki is for you if you want freedom of life stresses, peace, happiness and harmony. “IT’S A WIN, WIN FOR EVERYONE!” Thank God for my massage therapist for looking out for me and recommending holistic care!
— Sheryl Houston