What are Spirit Guides?

In most of my readings, there is a moment where a client’s spirit guides may communicate plain and vivid messages. I always relay these messages fully, but some clients are confused about them. They may have questions about the origins of these messages, and wonder who these “guides” are. After all, isn’t the psychic the one whom they employed to give them insights about their lives?

Yes, psychics are the conduits, but important spiritual information can come from any number of sources. One of the most common sources is a person’s spirit guide. Life itself is both linear, circular, and multidimensional. The soul encounters many energies that are beneficial to its existence. Trained psychics are aware of the energies that occasionally attach to the souls and consciousness of people. 

The Nature of Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are non-physical energies that your soul hires to help you in the crazy game of life. They are indemnified with very specific insights into how the universe works, a person’s life path, and how a person’s presence is affected by eternal things. It is absolutely natural that a professional psychic becomes aware of the presence and intent of a client’s spirit guide. The guide invests itself into the wellbeing of a person, and wants to guide that person to a fruitful and enriching life experience. A person should always welcome the insights of a spirit guide if they are revealed through the practice and translation of a trained psychic.

Types of Spirit Guides

Since all matter in the universe has a vibration that coincides with the non-material, a person’s spirit guide can reflect any nature. Some people have spirit guides that align with the qualities of nature elements like animals. Other people’s spirit guides are soulful extensions of past relatives and ancestors. Some people with very specific and special plans in this lifetime may be guided by Ascended Masters and Gurus.  

Certain types of spirit energies are attracted to similar energies. A person will likely be adopted by a spirit guide that has qualities matching its own. This intimate coupling allows a spirit guide to assist a person with understanding spiritual concepts at the most appropriate level. Professional psychics can help a person hear the messages of a spirit guide, or discover the nature of a spirit guide during periods of indecision and wondering. 

Listening to Spirit Guides

Most people experience inklings of spirit guide involvement on a daily basis. The prompting from a spirit guide accompanies instinctive feelings about resolving issues because they align with a person’s deeper heart and cognitive functions. When a person is overwhelmed by stress, life questions, and personal struggles they are often unable to hear the voice of their spirit guide. A psychic can create a bridge between the spirit world and the physical world to help a person rediscover their relationship with a spirit guide. People should understand that psychics are willing conduits. They hear and speak truth communicated to them. Experienced psychics can also help clients understand this communication if mysterious and esoteric wording and imagery is conveyed. 

There are more than 7 billion people in the world. It is difficult to understand that each of these people have at least one spirit guide endeavoring to help them through their life. The spiritual realm surpasses numbers and physical constraints and is grander than the human brain can rationalize.  It is within everyone’s personal capability to receive communication from a spirit guide under normal daily circumstances, or with the help of an experienced psychic.