Animal Psychic Communication

Anyone with pets knows that it can be frustrating if there is a message that the animal is trying to get across, but the owner doesn’t understand or can’t pick up on it.  So, it isn’t uncommon during a reading for a person to ask if I can tap into their pet’s energy and see what they have to say.  The answer is always "Of course!!", as I love talking to animals, and they often have a lot to say!  I like to call it  “Animal Psychic Communication".   There are many professional animal communicators in the world, and while I don’t specialize in this, I absolutely love it when it happens!

One example of a recent reading was with a lady (Megon) and her dog (Henna).  Since I loved the message that came through, I asked Megon's permission to share this with all of you. 

Megon’s question was this: “Am I my puppy’s ‘furever’ mom?  I’ve always been on the verge of rehoming her, but I’m not sure if it’s really her, or the feelings I’ve associated with her.”

Very quickly I could pick up on the dog’s energy - and she was ready to talk!

Henna showed me that she came into Megon's life at a time when Megon was going through a lot of changes.  Megon was just moving into a new home, and going through some personal changes.  It was clear that Megon wasn’t looking for another dog at the time Henna showed up.  Henna showed me that she really loves her mom, yet she chews up things and barks a lot, and she knew this was causing Megon a lot of stress.  But, she also showed me that there was a reason she was doing it…

Spirit then showed me that there were two different paths that Megon could take in regards to Henna, noting that neither one was right or wrong, just different choices.

In the first path, Henna stayed and helped Megon heal.  I was shown that Henna’s behavior of chewing and barking was her way of showing Megon that she wasn’t paying attention to herself - that she needed go within and give self love.  Henna’s behavior was also tied to her fear of being abandoned, as she could pick up the indecisiveness of Megon not knowing if she would keep her or not.  

In the second path, Megon made the decision to re-home Henna.  Henna wasn’t happy about this, and I could see that Megon may regret this decision, always wondering if she had made the right one.

What I was then shown was that if Megon made the solid decision and commitment to keep Henna, then there would be a change in her behavior.  Both Megon and Henna had a fear of being left, re-homed, abandoned, and not good enough.  By Megon making the commitment to keep Henna, Megon would also be making a commitment to herself, and the negative behaviors that Henna exhibited would shift.  Henna was trying to show Megon the need for Self Love all along, but didn’t know how to get the message across - so she was showing her in the best way she knew how.

You see, animals are wonderful healers and teachers if we are ready and willing to listen!  It’s just the way they communicate isn’t always the way we think it should be ;)

Readings like this are one of the many reasons I love delivering messages!  It’s not only healing for the animal in that they get to finally explain what is going on, but also brings clarity for the owner.  

Isn’t animal communication fun!?!  

How about you?  Do you talk to your pets?  Have you ever wondered what they are trying to tell you?  Let me know your experiences with Animal Communication!